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Our concrete contractors in Houston serve both commercial and residential properties. Anything from broken driveways to apartment complex parking lots.

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Elite Concrete and Asphalt offers commercial and residential services in Houston.

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What makes us the best Houston concrete contractors?

  • More than 20 years combined experience mixing, laying, repairing, installing concrete and asphalt
  • Any and all commercial and residential concrete contractor jobs
  • High-tech Specialized equipment such as High Pressure Steam Cleaners for stained cement
  • Friendly, professional staff
  • Family-owned and operated

What is a commercial concrete contractor?

A commercial concrete contractor services anything to do with cement, concrete and asphalt in Houston. This trade often with other tradespeople such as plumbers, engineers, wood workers, and more to build or remodel buildings and parking lots. Concrete contractors service parking lots, street curbs, street road bumps, walkways, and more. In fact, concrete contractors often install the signage for many parking lot and street curb signs you see around Houston, such as handicap signs and no parking signs.

Elite Concrete and Asphalt's Houston concrete services range from big parking lots from start to finish, parking lot repairs, to as small as a patio for a house.

Plus, our commercial concrete contractors do all the asphalt for big shopping centers, pothole repair, parking lot resealing, broken concrete fixes, striping, and more. Our pro's offer competitive prices and quality work.

Concrete Contractors in Houston

Commercial Concrete and Striping Services

Parking Lot Stripes

Our contractor technicians can either set up a new design or add new spaces, or restripe parking lots you already have. Our striping services depend on what you want to do.

Do you want to add parking spaces, add handicap spots, leave how it is existing, go over and stripe over existing spots? If so, our Houston concrete construction crew can do it. Our concrete technicians can also reseal a spot, tear out a broken area and restripe it.

If you need your entire parking lot asphalt coated, which makes the parking lot black, then our construction contractors can restripe every stripe. Also, if you want to seal the parking lot or do repairs on it, and replace stripes that need to go after the repairs are down, our contractor technicians can perform that service as well.

Additions to Parking Lots

Our contractor technicians add extra parking lot spaces to commercial parking lots. Sometimes apartment complexes don't have enough parking spaces, so our concrete crew extends the parking spots. How do we do this? Usually our concrete crew takes up a grassy section and turns it into an extra parking lot space.

Seal Coating Parking Lot

Our Houston concrete contractor can seal a parking lot, which protects the lot from gas, oil, and water damage getting inside the concrete or asphalt

Fix and Install Speed Humps and Parking Lot Stops / Curb Stops

Our concrete technicians can remove a parking lot or road's old speed humps and reinstall new ones.

We guarantee that our concrete crew will pin those speed humps into the ground, so they don't move.

Sometimes a parking bump won't have a pin in it at all. In that case, cars over time will nudge the parking bump, moving it slightly. Eventually it's in the wrong place, right up against the customer walk way. This is dangerous!

Make sure your Houston contractor installs pins in the parking lot blocks so that no customer gets injured.

Concrete Stains

Concrete stain / concrete sealer / concrete paint / stamped concrete / concrete patterns / driveway pavers / driveway repair

Commercial Fire Lines and No Parking Lines for Apartments and Businesses

The city of Houston requires areas in a business parking and street zone where there is a marked no parking zone. Different  cities require different lengths of space between the parking and no parking zones, and the no parking and fire lane zones.

The concrete contractor will make a stencil in white paint, and the Fire Line itself in red paint. Usually there's also an alternating pattern of Fire Lane, No Parking Lane, Fire Lane, etc.

Handicap Lines

Most Houston businesses with parking lots have to have certain amount of handicap spaces, depending on how many parking spots you have.

Sometimes the handicap space is doubled, where there's a hash line in between so a handicap van can come. Sometimes the city requires no additional space. Generally, newer spots have a handicap lane, a hash lane, and another handicap lane. Each of those spots have to have a handicap sign and a handicap stensil on each spot, which is generally blue box with white man in a wheelchair.

No Parking Lines

Our Houston concrete technicians can repaint and install No Parking Lines where ever you don't want someone to park. Perhaps by a dumpster or by a gate, near a handicap ramp. Our Houston contractors can also do hashlines, which will be yellow to instruct people not to park there.

No Parking signs will be a stencil on the curb or on the ground, and the yellow hashlines tell people not to park there.

Parking Lots

Our Houston concrete contractors can repair holes in parking lot and other cracks and damages. Plus, they can create additional spots and brand new parking lots.

Repair Parking Lot Drains

Many times the concrete breaks around the parking lot drain. Although our Houston concrete contractors don't work with the drain itself, our crew can fix the broken concrete surrounding the drain. Indeed, businesses get in trouble if the drain drops down below the surface of the concrete. And our Houston contractors will redo the concrete around the drain.

What causes parking lot drains to break?

Wherever the water goes, the concrete gets weak. Thus, the chance of the actual drain itself falling or collapsing increases. Elite Concrete and Asphalt services these fallen drains often.

Walkways / Sidewalks

Our Houston contractors can fix and install any paths that are needed for a parking lot.

What causes walkways and sidewalks to break?

Tree roots will break up the walkway and create trip hazards. Additionally, walkways tend to separate and crack and break over time from weather and water seeping through the concrete.

Dropped Sidewalks / Sunken Sidewalks

Elite Houston concrete contractors can raise sidewalks or replace and fix them. How? Our contractors cut out a little section of the sidewalk and fix it. In addition, our Houston contractors can raise the sidewalk through  mudjacking.

Repairing / Fixing Trip hazhards

In commercial  parking areas and sidewalks, trip hazards are a huge legal danger source. Since a woman with heels can get stuck, or a senior citizen fall, just to name two cases, it's a safety issue that broken sidewalks with trip hazards get fixed.


Seal coating -- Rejuvenates asphalts prolong the life of asphalt

Commercial Pressure washing - shopping center or business parks

Mainly shopping centers and buildings, we’ll do face and side of buildings all the way up to roof

Will do entire parking lot we use surface cleaners, high pressure steam cleaners, spray wands. We can get gum and tar up. Making the parking look almost brand new. Turn an old parking lot into brand new. It makes a huge difference especially with steam. We can do better than a regular guy with a pressure wash. 270 degree high pressured water.

Street Curbs

Cut out and replace broken curbs that are cracked and put in new curbs, in apartment complexes and shopping center, residential as well as commercial, flat curbs and standard curbs, or at a gradient, sloped curbs

100% Guarantee Re-bar Installed with Concrete

Whenever do new concrete we always put in rebar. Lots of shady concrete guys won’t do rebar. We do neighborhoods 7-8 years old with brand new driveway. You have to make sure you’re using the proper concrete. Permits. Only use top rated concrete companies for our concrete mix

Highways - TexDot approved

Fixing / repairing highways / striping and turn lanes

Walking tracks

Elite Houston concrete contractors can create school tracks, churches, parks, using custom designs and custom layouts.

Safety Notice: Our Houston contractors  do not believe in using metal edging. We use polyborad for side. When you use crushed granite you have to have a boarder otherwise it’ll . if a kid would fall on that track he can cut yourself bad, pulled it off and replaced it with a thick safe durable plastic. It wouldn’t hurt you. The shlenker school. The robert m beren acadamy. United cheese cake factory. Maplewood. Maplewood pool and park. The cemetery. 3 churches: hershels, darren’s mom. Royal oaks subdivision.

Crushed granite

We created a mix for tracks, created walkways, areas for schools, for walkways, used it for a science area and put benches on top, safe and durable and looks pretty.

Basketball courts and Sports Courts

Basketball court / painted lines / coating

Can make any kind of basketball court or tennis court, paint the lines, do it in asphalt or concrete

Wheel chair ramps

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